Credit per app: the future of borrowing?

The vast majority of loans are still issued in Germany in the office of a bank, even if the Internet loans have now caught up significantly.

More and more customers are taking advantage of the opportunity to apply for a loan online, which means they are independent of the Bank’s opening hours. A new offer could now help to make borrowing even faster, easier and even mobile, namely credit per app.

Good Finance offers credit per app


In many cases, customers first have to fill out a large number of documents in order to apply for a loan and to receive the loan. For this reason as well, Good Finance has been offering credit for some time now via an app, which is offered under the name “My Credit”.

Customers can thus receive a mobile loan and a loan of up to 5,000 euros very quickly. A big advantage is that the loan seekers can secure their personal wish loan at any time and from anywhere. The loan decision is made in just a few minutes and even the loan payment takes only one working day.

Thus, it is a real instant loan, which is certainly faster than many other offers in this section. Currently, the app is only available for devices with the iOS operating system, so mainly for iPad and iPhone. In a few weeks, however, will also follow a version for Android devices.

Various benefits of credit per app


There are already several advantages that customers can use to benefit from the loan via the app. This includes, for example, that there is a significantly shortened and paperless application process.

The loan decision is made immediately and the loan amount is paid very quickly, usually the next working day. The entire loan takes only 15 minutes and the customers benefit from favorable conditions.

How should the loan seeker proceed?

How should the loan seeker proceed?

Anyone who wants to use the credit via an app must first download the “My Credit” app on their smartphone, which is completely free. Subsequently, the loan amount and the desired term in the loan calculator offered to select. In the third step, the customer must fill a short form with his personal details and legitimize himself briefly via video chat.

The signature of the credit agreement is made digitally via the respective terminal and on the next working day the borrower can already dispose of his capital. In this way, the loan via App, which is currently offered by the Good Finance, could be a real revolution and it is not excluded that this concept will take over significantly more savings banks and other banks in the future.