Objective: the relaunch of the real estate sector

The real estate sector could make a truly decisive contribution to the growth of the country, if it were not blocked by so many regulatory and fiscal constraints.

The total amount of taxes levied on the sector

The total amount of taxes levied on the sector is currently 50 billion euros a year: far too many, if we think of it as construction, we have not yet shown signs of recovery already present in other sectors, and that Eurostat data shows how, unlike other European countries, house prices are still falling.

The emergency was also highlighted by Good Finance

Which represented the main problems and, at the national organizational conference, wanted to put forward a series of important proposals to be able to relaunch the entire sector definitively. In particular, the president of Good Finance, Giorgio Spaziani Testa , underlined the importance of providing, to the owners of the house, better guarantees to be able to regain possession of the houses in the event of default or end of lease, while at the same time providing greater opportunities for residential tourism development .

The proposals of Confediliza for the relaunch of the real estate sector

  • return to the level of local pre-Monti taxation (from the 9 billion of the ICI to the 21 of Imu and Tasi and many “prime houses”, those improperly defined as luxury are still taxed), abandoning the patrimonial criterion
  • predict the deductibility of local taxes from income tax, as happens in many countries
  • extend the dry coupon on rents, whose success has been certified by the Def, to all the lease agreements;
  • stabilize the 10% coupon on rents with fixed fees and set a limit on Imu-Tasi taxation on houses rented with these contracts;
  • eliminate the rule of taxation of rents not received and reinstated the 15% deduction for rental income (reduced to 5% by the Monti Government)
  • adopt specific measures to safeguard large real estate investors, as well as policies for cities.
  • liberalize lease contracts for non-residential buildings, cast by binding legislation dating back 40 years (the law on fair fees in 1978).

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